Face Value

“Brit humor with an American twist surrounds this plastic-surgery-obsessed romp through the glamorous - and sometimes ghastly - world of media.”

OK Magazine, USA


When small-town English reporter Kate Miller gets the job of a lifetime on a glossy New York magazine, she sees it as a way to put the world to rights. Now’s her chance to tell Darling’s readers about their beauty-obsessed culture; that no-one should be anti-ageing. But just how sacred are those personal beliefs? Suddenly Kate, along with her charity-shop wardrobe and slept-in-a-tent hair is in the Big Apple, being swept away by the fast-paced, fickle and glamorous world of fashion. She has to find a way to keep the job of her dreams and the hotshot plastic surgeon to the stars who thinks Kate’s small town looks could be just what America ordered.

Face Value Book Cover


”Dear Kathleen, Thank you so much for leaving your book for me at the Ritz - I picked it up half heartedly and then really got into it - it's so much fun! I loved all the ”in” things, the take on the beauty-mad culture over here and I was delighted that our heroine gets her guy at the end.. I hope it's doing well - it deserves to. Happy New Year in advance - Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers, In a letter, December 2008.

”I read it in one sitting from beginning to end, which says a lot! You’ve chosen a fascinating subject for a novel and your prose is deliciously taut and sparky. I’m sure so many thousands of readers will find the expose of the plastic surgery industry highly educational. It really is rare for popular fiction to handle such an incendiary controversial subject so well and it would be fantastic to reach as wide an audience as possible. Congratulations on such a worthy debut novel.”

Marian Keyes, best-selling author

”I loved how the book was written. It wasn't something I expected. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, something new was revealed. I liked being kept on my toes. Kate was an equally likable character. She felt like a bit of an every-woman. What I didn't like was how often she doubted herself. Dr. Kingsley III was a surprise. I will definitely take a look at Kathleen Baird Murray's past and future releases. Happy reading! :)”

Book Lover from GA (Reader Review, amazon.com)